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The Fall Core Recreational Program starts in late August. Before registering and submitting Buddy requests, please read this page and the Registration page.

Bring-a-Buddy Form

A child may specify a maximum of one “playing buddy” to be on the same team which must be reciprocated by the playing buddy (i.e. no chains in forms). Buddy forms are prioritized for volunteers and all are subject to Team Balancing. Submitting a Buddy Form does not guarantee it will be approved.

  • The Bring-a-Buddy Form must be signed by parents.  By signing the Bring-a-Buddy Form, both parents are agreeing to the rules stated on the form.

  • Bring-a-Buddy Forms must be submitted online, Both players must be registered before Open Registration closes.

  • We will not accept Bring-a-Buddy requests for more than two players.

  • We will not accept Bring-a-Buddy requests with the same player listed on more than one form.

  • Siblings playing on the same team are each allowed to fill out the Bring-a-Buddy Form.

Bring-a-Buddy Forms must be submitted in person.

If you are not already a coach, referee, division coordinator, or board member, you will be asked to volunteer at some level and your commitment will be noted on your form. Please remember that AYSO is an all-volunteer organization and we need your help to make soccer happen for the kids. Bring-a-Buddy is a privilege. Even so, it's just one factor involved in team formation. Submission of a Bring-a-Buddy Form does not guarantee placement of players together as balanced team formation takes precedence.

Here is a link to the Buddy Form AYSO873 also has a tradition of mixing players from different schools in order to build early bonds as players move from elementary to junior high school.  Therefore, we avoid having too many players from the same school on a team.

Coach Bring-a-Buddy Form may be submitted in person or by email to the Division Coordinator of your players division.

If you are a coach, referee, board member or division coordinator, you can coordinate handing in your Buddy Form electronically or in person. A form submitted electronically should not be considered valid until you have received a confirmation reply.

Have a great Season!!

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