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Law 1: The Field of Play
Without the presence of Referees, Coaches and or an assigned parent(s), should check the pitch before each match. Don't trust the field is safe because someone else just played there. Check for trash, sharp objects, hair ties, rocks, holes on the field, etc., that could cause injuries.  Also check nets for holes or areas loose from the cross bar.  Carry tape or string to help shore any holes up. Report any field issues to our Safety Director.

Law 2: The Ball
Size 3 - 6U & 8U
Size 4 - 10U & 12U
Size 5 - 14U & 19U
Make sure the ball is smooth, without any nicks or hanging pieces, and round...not misshapen.

Law 3: The Players
14U & 19U - 11v11
12U - 9v9
10U - 7v7
6U & 8U - 4v4 no goal keepers

Law 4: The Players Equipment
1. Shin guards MUST be completely worn under the sock. A lot of players, parents, and coaches think it is ok to put the shin guard on top of the sock and roll it over the top...IT IS NOT SAFE and may not be worn that way.

2. Jewelry including earrings are NOT ALLOWED. Huge safety violation. Parents have a choice to remove the earrings or have their child watch the game or practice. Do NOT ALLOW players to practice or play in a game with them in.

3. Casts or splints are NOT ALLOWED. This isn't high school or club. Safety is our main concern. Wrapping the cast or splint does not make it ok to play. Doctors releases to play with a cast or splint on, does not matter. They CANNOT participate.

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