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Law 5: The Referee
The main job of any official is to keep the game safe, fair and fun. No matter who you have out there, someone trained or a parent from one of the teams, please remember to be kind. We are out there for the players. Continue being the great roll model we know you are.
1. Act as the time keeper and keep record of the match.
2. Keep track of game score as required by the game level.
3. Manage substitutions with help from the assistant referees - every player should play 3/4 of the game as allowed by team count.
4. Complete and submit a game report.
5. Stop play when a player is or may be injured.
6. Restart play when it has been stopped.

Law 6: Other Match Officials
Assistant Referees
Assistant Referees are there to ASSIST not insist the Referee.
This is a trained individual who must follow the lead and instructions of the referee.  Their positions are determined by the positions of the players, the ball, and instructions by the referee, and they must be ready to adjust based on the constantly changing conditions during play.

They are also expected to judge misconduct and fouls out of sight of the referee and, when these activities occur as instructed, to bring them to the attention of the referee. The Referee may ask the assistant referees to carry the match game reports and manage the substitutions.

Club Linesman
This is an untrained individual who may only help the Referee when the ball is in and out of play, meaning completely crossing either the touchline or goal line.

Law 7: Duration of the Match
Each match has four periods. We do not run quarters, and here's why...Imagine you have a 10U team and your player is running with the ball towards the goal, as she gets ready to kick the ball the Referees alarm goes off at the 10 minute mark and blows the whistle for "quarter". You have just been denied the opportunity to score and are now upset and so is that little 8 year old, and rightly so. That is why we call them periods.

Somewhere in the middle of that half, you will call for substitutions, when the ball has stopped because it went out of play, a goal was scored or for an injury. The time continues to run during the substitution period; it does not stop for "quarters". We also don't have open substitution in AYSO except for 19U.  All substitutions should occur during the "quarter" break.

The restart after a substitution period "quarter", would be the same as how the period ended. A throw-in, a goal kick, a corner kick, or a kick off. If the period was called for injury and the ball was not out of play, the restart would be a drop ball.

Halftime is halftime. End of game is end of game. When time runs out you are done. Doesn't matter if someone is trying to score and the ball does not have to be in play.

6U - Two 10 minute halves
8U - Two 20 minute halves
10U - Two 25 minute halves
12U - Two 30 minute halves
14U - Two 35 minute halves
19U - Two 40/45 minute halves

Halftime is 5 - 10 minutes long depending on the time available and weather.
On extremely hot days, it is ok to add a water break if necessary.

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