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I Want to Coach

How do I volunteer?
AYSO requires every volunteer to complete an application online, please login to your account above on this site to complete your form.

Once completed, print out two copies of the application, one for you and one for you to turn in to a board member.

I’ve completed my application, now what?
You will need to complete a few online trainings.

What trainings do volunteers need to complete?
All volunteers need to complete Safe Haven and Concussion Awareness.
These trainings are available online.
You will need your ID# from your registration form.

What trainings do Coaches need to complete?
Training courses are determined by the position you are interested in:
·         6U and 8U Coach – 2 hour training course each plus field training;
·         10U Coach – 3 hours training course plus field training;
·         12U Coach – 5 hour training course with field training;
·         Intermediate Coach – 15 hour training course: you must have completed at least 1 year as a 12U Coach prior to taking this course;
·         Advanced Coach – 18 hour training course: you must have at least 3 years of coaching experience and have completed the Intermediate course.

What about a uniform?
Once you have completed the training, the Region will supply you with a Coach Shirt.

What about equipment?
The Region will supply you with a coach bag, cones, a whistle and a first aid kit.

Thank you for Volunteering!
AYSO is a parent-based volunteer organization established to provide a positive experience for our children.

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attn: Regional Commissioner, PO Box 311
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