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I Want to Volunteer

How do I volunteer?
AYSO requires every volunteer to complete an application online.

I’ve completed my application, now what?
You will need to complete a few online trainings.

What trainings do volunteers need to complete?
All volunteers need to complete Safe Haven and Concussion Awareness..
These trainings are available online.
You will need your ID# from your registration form.

What trainings do Referees need to complete?
Training courses are determined by the position you are interested in:
·         8U Official – In person training about 90 minutes plus field training during games;
·         Assistant Referee – In person training (about 5 hours);
·         Basic Referee Course can be taken two ways:
              1. Two-part course. The online portion has a fee involved:
                    A. Online must be completed first (60-100 minutes); and
                    B. In person (about 3 hours).
              2. Entire course in person (about 8 hours).
·         Intermediate, Advanced and National Referee courses are offered once other criteria have been met.

What about a uniform?
Once you have completed the training, the Region will supply you with a uniform specific to your level.

Thank you for Volunteering!
AYSO is a parent-based volunteer organization established to provide a positive experience for our children.

NEW! For the Fall 2019 season, we will be hiring referees to cover some of our 14U and 12U matches. Potential referees will still need to complete mandatory AYSO training as detailed above. If referees already have completed training with a different entity (for example, USSF affiliates), then they can be considered for a condensed version of training specific for AYSO referees.

Paid referees will be responsible for any costs of training, and uniforms, as well as the Level 2 background check required for all AYSO members.

Referee training sessions will be announced in June and July, before the season starts in August.

Contact (click on) Jon to get on our list to be considered for a referee position now.

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