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Law 13: Free Kicks
A Free Kick is used to restart the play once the play has been stopped for a foul.
There are two types of Free Kicks: Direct Free Kicks (DFK) and Indirect Free Kicks (IFK).

Direct Free Kicks - A goal may be scored directly from a DFK.
Indirect Free Kicks - The ball must be touched by another player before a goal can be scored. The player can be a teammate or an opponent. The ball can be intentionally touched, or unintentionally touched.

*8U only uses IFK for any fouls that are committed.

Law 14: Penalty Kicks (This section does not apply to 8U.)
A Penalty Kicks (PK) is awarded when a DFK foul has been committed by a team within its own Penalty Area.
1. All players, other than the goalkeeper and kicker, must be outside of the penalty area and penalty arc; behind the ball; until ball is played.
2. The goalkeeper must stay on the goal line, but may move side to side, until the ball is in play.
3. The ball is placed on the penalty mark.
4. The ball may not be kicked until the Referee signals.
5. The kicker may not start and stop.
6. The ball is in play once it is kicked and moves forward.
7. The kicker may not touch the ball a second time until it is touched by another player.
8. If a PK has to be taken or retaken, the duration of either half is extended until the penalty kick is complete.

PK's may be retaken when either team encroaches and would depend on the result of the first kick.

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