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Law 8: The Start and Restart of Play
1.Dropped Ball - The dropped ball is used when play is stopped for an unusual reason, ie: dog or small child runs on to the pitch; an errant ball enters the pitch. In the Spirit of the Game, the procedure would be to have one player from each side face off while the Referee drops the ball gently between the two players. Players may not kick the ball until the ball hits the ground...otherwise a drop ball needs to occur again.

2. Kick Off - The ball is stationary in the center of the field and kicked in any direction once the referee blows the whistle.

Law 9: The Ball In and Out of Play
The touch lines and goal lines are part of the pitch so if the ball is touching or breaking the plane of the line, it is still in play.
The ball must completely, wholey, entirely cross over the line to be out of play.

Law 10: Determining the Outcome of a Match

As mentioned above, the ball must completely cross the goal line and be between the goal posts and under the cross bar to be considered a goal. This at times is hard to determine without Linesman.

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