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AYSO Region 873 Registration Cancellation and Refund Policy

We understand that situations may arise where you choose not to participate with this AYSO region. If you choose to withdraw your participant(s) after paying any registration fees, you need to be aware of the following refund policies. Refund rules apply no matter the reason for withdrawing the participant(s).

In general, soccer registration fees are non-refundable. Most refund requests will only be handled through the SecureFee cancellation insurance that can be purchased during registration. If you choose not to purchase the cancellation insurance, then any refunds are not guaranteed.

The SecureFee cancellation insurance is an optional service that registrants can opt into at checkout to protect their registration fees against certain events that cause them to miss the season (this includes if the participant only is diagnosed with COVID). Click here for a brochure explaining the program. This insurance does not cover shelter-in-place orders from state, local, or federal governments.

Notification of Withdrawal - Refund Request

First, refund requests should be pursued by filing a claim through the SecureFee claims intake line at 866-232-0738 within 20 days after a covered reason. Be sure to have your policy number handy.

Second, please notify the Region that you wish to withdraw your child from the program by following this link to complete the form:

Under extraordinary circumstances the region will consider partial refunds, not including membership fees, credit card fees or uniform fees. If you would still like to request a refund from the Region, please complete the above form and a Region representative will be in contact with you within one (1) week. Only account owners are allowed to request refunds through this form. Please allow at least two (2) weeks for refunds to be processed. Region refunds are issued by check only.

Please note:

1) the National AYSO Membership Fee of $20.00 is NOT refundable under any circumstance; your agreement to this policy was acknowledged when you registered your child on the website. This fee goes directly to the National office. In addition to the National Fee, there is a credit card processing fee (from the website sponsor) of $2.75/player that is also not refundable. Therefore, any refunds issued will be less $22.75 to cover these fees per participant.

2) NO refunds will be issued to players who have participated in any practice or game with their team - no exceptions. This is for insurance reasons.

3) ONE VOLUNTEER COACH NEEDED PER TEAM. Parents will be notified if we cannot find a coach for their team. If a coach has not volunteered prior to the beginning of the season, your team will be removed from the schedule and your children will not be able to play.  Refunds will not be issued at this point -- no exceptions.

4) Any background check fees, if applicable, are non-refundable.

Specific dates (see below) shall be adhered to in order to correctly respond and apply refund requests. The refund dates have taken into consideration unrecoverable costs that may include, but are not limited to, player insurance, uniforms and other such expenses.

Refund Dates

Before June 1st

            Refund requests received before June 1st will be allowed less the fees listed above.

Before July 10th    

            Partial Refund - 50% less the fees listed above.

No refunds after July 11th

Uniforms and other equipment needed for the season have already been ordered.


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