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Sponsorship Possibilities

2018 Packages Based on an estimated count of 700 - 750 players
AYSO is a Nonprofit 501(c)3 Organization and your donation or sponsorship may be tax deductible. 

There are over 11,000 eligible players in Iron County (ages 3-18).  Our soccer families have an average of 3 children at home.  With a median family income of $42,305 in 2015, some families have to choose which child can play.  About 8% of our families apply for financial aid but we can only support 5% of them through AYSO's Hugo Bustamante Playership Grant.  With your donations or sponsorships, we can give more children the opportunity to play.

Please contact Regina Jackowiak if you are interested in any of the opportunities below or if you have other ways to sponsor our region.

RED PACKAGE SPONSORS (value above $3,500) receive a logo on our website; region will buy a feather sponsor banner with your name and our logo and place it at the park on Saturday's; and a Sponsor "Thank You" plaque.

BLUE PACKAGE SPONSORS (value between $1,000 - $3,499) receive a logo on our website; and a Sponsor "Thank You" plaque.

GREEN PACKAGE SPONSORS sponsor for two years; receive a logo on our website.

ALL SPONSORS receive a logo on our website; .jpg to be provided by sponsor.

**CASH SPONSORSHIPS sponsors may donate any amount, these are merely suggestions.  Sponsors will also be verbally acknowledged "Thanked" at clinics/trainings.

^IN-KIND SPONSORSHIPS  - Sponsor rewards to be determined based on value.

      Jerseys                                                      $5,000          3" Logo placed on right sleeve of jersey
      Shorts*                                                      $3,000          3" Logo placed on front leg of shorts *(offer only available when jerseys are also sponsored)
      Balls                                                            $5,000          Logo Placed on Ball in multiple spots with league logo
      Picture Package                                  $7,000          Team Photo given to every player with "Sponsored by..." printed on picture

      Shirts (100)                                             $1,000           3" Logo placed on right sleeve of jersey

      Coins (100)                                              $350               Sponsor Logo placed on one side of game coin

      Pitch sponsor                    
                    $600               Pays for new nets for 1 set of goals; or set of U6 goals; banner placed on back of goal with "Pitch    
           -11 pitches available                                                         sponsored by..."

Player Registration(s)                       $100 ea.       Registration for one child to play (May sponsor as many players as you would like.)
      VIP Program                                           $3,500           Pays for registration, uniforms, out-of-town/state VIP Events, additional advertising
      Coach Clinics (2/year)                       $150               Pays for training equipment & meal
      Referee Clinics (2/year)                   $150               Pays for training equipment & meal
      Volunteer Appreciation Party     $2,500          Pays for a meal (+/-100) to say "Thanks" to our Volunteers

      Player Water                                            n/a                  You supply water bottles with your labels (minimum of 700/Saturday) you decide how many days
      Referee Lunches                                    n/a                  Food for Referees on Saturdays
      Volunteer Appreciation                    n/a                 Gifts to raffle at appreciation party
      Meeting Room                                         n/a                 Room and/or food provided for meetings and/or trainings

Contact Us

Iron County AYSO Region 873

attn: Regional Commissioner, PO Box 311
Cedar City, Utah 84721

Email Us: [email protected]