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Region 873 Minutes
April 6, 2016

In attendance: Robert Miller, Jules Berry, Regina Jackowiak, and Alana Duncan
The meeting started at 5:50 pm at the Cedar City Library.

     Minutes from March 16th were reviewed.
·         World’s Finest Chocolate – 5 boxes have been received to use at registration.
     ·         Budget – Clarified this was increased because we need to have more printers and receipt books.
               o   Kristen will pick up printers from Radio Shack.
     ·         Registration
               o   Rob was able to get us an additional ad in the Spring Sports book for $100 to help make up for the ad in the Today paper with the wrong                                 web address.
               o   Alana found out the Brick House will let us advertise in front of the building on registration days; she’s waiting for confirmation from                                       El Rey about the WiFi and told them we would add them as a sponsor on the website in exchange for usage; and is still waiting to                                            hear back from Cherry Creek Radio.
               o   Regina created 9 fliers for Referee, Coach and Player “What Now’s”.
     ·         Dispute Resolution & Due Process The changes created in 2014/2015 by National means Rob, Jules and Regina have to retake both                                  of these classes even though they have taken them. *This was confirmed after the meeting by Regina.
     ·         Soccer balls – Rob has been practicing with the balls he received from Terri.  He likes the ball from Pakistan and is interested in                                                   purchasing those this year.
     ·         Checking Account - The new signatory card was finally completed on April 2, 2016.

– The website is once again up and running.  There were a few issues with some old information that had been transferred in.

      Standard Regional Guidelines – Rob reviewed the new process and discussed what we wanted to keep/change for our policy and procedures.                  All items below were approved unanimously:
     ·         Voting – The seven board members will be the only members to carry a vote for now.  This could change later when we have additional                                 members upon approval of the board.
     ·         Additional policies
               o   3/4 Play will continue;
               o   Playing Up;
               o   Bring A Friend;
               o   Refund Policy;
               o   Scholarships.

     Advertising – Kristen added the flier to Facebook, What’s Happening in Cedar City, and the cities website.  We will have an ad in 101 Things                       to Do in Iron County.

      Registration – The remainder of the meeting we discussed final preparations for the upcoming registration on April 9, 2016.

Meeting concluded at 7:20 pm.
Next meeting TBD.

Respectfully submitted,
Regina Jackowiak

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