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September 17, 2014

In attendance: Robert Miller, Alana Duncan, Jules Berry, Jeff Smith, Regina Jackowiak

The meeting started at 6:35 pm in the Cedar City Library.

Rob announced the following:
·         Based on a minimal amount of complaints we have received, this is the most successful season we have had recently.
·         A couple people called to say they had not heard from their coaches and that was remedied either by getting them connected to their teams; or offering them a refund.
·         U5 player parent was not happy with the Jamboree program and mentioned had they have known what the program was they would have waited a year.  We will be issuing a refund for this child as well.

     Refunds to be issued.

     U5 Information sheets need to be available at all future registrations.

·         Trainings
     o   We do need to offer more trainings.  However, we are over half way through this season and we have run out of time.  We will need to concentrate on getting more for the next season(s).
     o   Basic training can be completed either in an all-day session, a two night session, or with the online portion followed with the in person completion course.
     o   Regina is a trainer and so is Larry Daniel.
·         Volunteer Forms – While the Region isn’t doing great at getting the volunteer forms completed, we are getting there.  This is the best the Region has done in a long time.
·         Volunteer Appreciation
     o   Regina suggested purchasing the Pink Referee shirts for those who have been helping so far.  The list is limited and figured there would be about 9.  Shirts run $27.95 each list but our cost should be a little lower.  It was decided to go with the long sleeve version since these will be worn in the month of October.
     o   An appreciation dinner meeting to pass out the shirts, and discuss the season was decided upon for October 1st starting at 7:15 pm.
     o   We will also have an appreciation dinner meeting at the end of the season.
·         Refreshments
     o   We need to make sure our Referees know they are welcome to bottled water from the snack bar when they are at the fields as an Official.  If they are there all day covering 3 games they could have hotdogs & chips.
·         Issue – One of our youth Referees was verbally accosted by a spectator while refereeing a game last week.  This is unacceptable behavior.  We should always try to make sure we have an adult with authority around our games especially when youth Referees are involved so we can nip any bad behavior right away.


     Rob will review volunteers with Mandy to make sure all volunteers are registered.
     Regina will gather sizes for Referee jerseys and get them to Rob who will order them.
     Need to make a reservation at 5 Buck Pizza for the Referee meeting on October 1st.
     Jeff will create snack bar gift certificates for our Referees for next season.
     Rob will discuss the youth Referee issue with Dean and have him address with the Coach.
     Rob will send out an email to all Coaches to remind them they are responsible for the behavior of their staff, players and spectators.

Appreciation Parties
·         Volunteer Party
     o   It would be nice to offer an end of the season party for all volunteers and their families.
     o   Suggested locations were the aquatic center or the movie theater.
·         Coach and Asst. Coach Party
     o   Have a dinner meeting that would be a thank you and a player evaluation meeting.
     o   Coordinators of each division will sit with their Coaches so they can discuss evaluations within their division with their peers in an effort to create more balanced teams.


     Jules to find location options for a Volunteer party and the Coach evaluation party.

Fields and Goals
·         Goals were purchased by AYSO with city money.  There is a shared use agreement with the city, Color Country and Summer games.  If the goals are damaged, it is the responsibility of the user at the time to repair/replace.
·         The lines are getting faint at all parks.  We need more field liners.  Grass is mowed on Fridays in Cedar.
·         Parowan goals and nets are a mess.
     o   The U10 goals are not the right size.
     o   Regina showed a picture of the pieced together nets on the U8 fields.  There are more nets available in the shed.  We just need to go through them.

First Aid Kit Fundraiser
·         These were purchased for $6 and we will be selling them for $10.
·         We need to distribute flyers to the Coaches to pass out to the Players.
·         Deadline will be October 4th to turn in orders and the kits will be distributed after that.


     o   Regina will send the kit information to Jeff.
     o   Jeff will create the flyer.

Participation Awards – Rob passed out a sample medal as an example to use for this season.  Cost should be $3 each or less.  Everyone approved.

Volunteer Training
·         Everyone present at the meeting is registered and specific trained.
·         The AYSO Expo will be in Salt Lake this year.  More discussion on this at a later date.

Playoffs – We are not offering playoffs at the end of this season.

Spring Season – We had a short discussion on whether or not to have a Spring season.

     Jeff will put together a survey to send to all of our players and families to find out who is interested in participating in a Spring season.  The survey will include:
          §  Are you satisfied with this season
          §  What can we do to improve the season
          §  If we offer a Spring season, would you participate
          §  What city do you live in
          §  Did you know that AYSO is an all-volunteer organization

Next Meeting – Saturday, September 27th at 9 am.  Meet at the Bicentennial Park Snack Bar.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Regina Jackowiak

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