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Region 873 Minutes
March 16, 2016

In attendance: Robert Miller, Jules Berry, Regina Jackowiak, Kristen Miller, Alana Duncan, and Jaime Dunton

The meeting started at 5:40 pm at the Cedar City Library.

Introductions were made since we had a new volunteer in attendance.  Jaime found out about us through the Cedar City Website.  She played soccer when she was younger and has a lot of experience working with different organizations.

World’s Finest Chocolate
– We took a vote to see if we wanted to use World’s Finest Chocolate as our fundraiser this year.  Passed unanimously.

o   Rob to order 5 boxes for registration.

– Is up and running, check it out when you get the chance.

Budget -
A few changes were made to the budget and unanimously approved.


Registration - Playground will have uniforms just like the rest of the program.




We need new banners with our new web address on them. 
We need additional printers for registration.
Our ad was in the Today paper but the web address did not get corrected.  We need to see if we can get some sort of correction.
What about advertising in the 101 Things to Do or the monthly Clipper?

o   Kristen to take care of the printers.
o   Jules
     §  check to see if Star sign will donate banners or stickers for the old banners.
     §  bring pens, extension cords and paper.
     §  check on correction in the Today paper.
o   Alana
     §  to check with Brick House about advertising on registration day.
     §  to check with Brick House about Wi-Fi.
§  contact Cherry Creek Radio about PSAs.
o   Rob, Regina, Laura
     §  Create the “What Now” fliers for each of their disciplines.

RAP -  
We are going Gold!

Challenger Soccer Camps – They are already in Cedar City sponsored by the town.  Rob would like us to consider AYSO sponsoring the camp instead.  Since they are already established here, this wouldn’t cost us money like the AYSO camps.  Camp runs in July and is around $145.

Dispute Resolution & Due Process – Rob, Jules and Regina need to check to see if they have credit for these courses.  All of us believe we have these.

Soccer Balls – Still need to be decided.  Terri sent sample balls; multiple logos can be placed on each ball.

Next board meeting April 6, 2016
Meeting concluded at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Regina Jackowiak


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